From Stone to Product

Stone Age -series is Sareka’s own collection which is based on ancient cave paintings and shaman ornaments. These soapstone products are made in Kenya by German-Kenyan family business. The jobs and income provided by the company makes Tabaka a prospering community.

Watch the pictorial and learn how soapstone transforms into beautiful products.

Tabaka Hills is located in Western Kenya and is known for its soapstone, from which some of our Stone Age -products are made of.

The soap stone is quarried by hand and then transported to workshops.

After that, stones are sawn into smaller pieces in the workshops.

The heat and physical work takes it toll, time for a break!

Tea light candleholder forming in the hands of a skilled craftsman.

Soapstone hearts are sandpapered smooth before painting.

People at painting station are busy but cheerful.

Carving, which brings up the natural color of soapstone, is done after painting and waxing.

The finished products look stunning and reflect the skill of the Kenyan craftsmen and women.